90 Day Profit Maximizer Program (One-to-One coaching)

Are you finally ready to DECIDE to rapidly grow your business profits in order to finally reach your business, financial & personal goals? Than this program was designed especially for you!

This product consists of a combination of live group coaching combined with one-on-one coaching with Wayne J Belisle CPA (who has been helping business owners grow their business for 35+ years). 

Why should you hire a coach?  Because the end result is that you will reach your goals much, much sooner than you would without a coach!

I have found that there are six things that coaching helps you accomplish:

  1. Coaching helps you clarify your vision and what you want to accomplish.
  2. Coaching helps you plan your action steps to achieve the results you want. 
  3. Coaching helps you upgrade your skills.  It helps you identify skill-sets you need to improve in order to achieve your targeted results. 
  4. Coaching helps you optimize your results. You will get where you are going much quicker with a coach than without one--guaranteed!
  5. Coaching helps you master your psychology.  A good coach will help you eliminate your fears, doubts, limiting beliefs, and insecurities that are stopping you from reaching your goals. 
  6. Finally, and most importantly, coaching hold you accountable.  I am amazed at how much work I get completed a couple of days before my meeting with my coach.  There is no way I am going to be embarrassed into admitting that I was just too busy to work on the goals that I set in order to build my dream business.  Meeting with my coach forces me to get the work done!

The group live coaching consists of:

  • Two hour on-line group kick-start session to quickly start you on your road to massively larger profits. 
  • 12 live weekly lessons and the complete workbook for each lesson to use to help you master & implement the Success Strategies.  Each lesson will be followed with a Q&A sessions. 
  • Each lesson will also be recorded and stored here for your review at any time after the live lesson. 
  • A workbook is provided for each lesson to help you quickly implement what you learn to  massively increase your profits today!
  • Includes 6 live Q&A & profit seat calls to address any problems you are having implementing the course to massively increase your profits. 
  • Unlimited email support.  If you get stuck or confused on any weekly lesson just shoot us an email with your question. 
  • Three 15 minute 911 "emergency coaching call" when an email just won't do. 

 Add to this the following one-on-one live coaching program designed to customize the solutions provided in the online course specifically to your business and situation:

  • A live one-on-one 90 minute strategy session with Wayne.
  • Six 30 minute 1:1 monthly private coaching meetings with Wayne.
  • Six additional 15 minute 911 "emergency coaching calls".
  • A live one-on-one implementation meeting at the end of the 90 day coaching program. 

But that’s not all.  As a bonus  you will receive:

- Profit Killer Diagnostic tool valued at $750. 

- 10 Secrets to Increase Profits Now webinar  valued at $97.

- The Jump Start Your Profit Machine! Online course valued at $247.

- The Finding & Keeping Cash in Your Business online course valued at $247.

- Life-time access to annual updates of this program where you will be able to participate in the live Q&A session. This would be valued at $497. 

These bonuses alone are worth $1,838!

Finally you receive Wayne Belisle's No Hassle Guarantee!

Finish the course and if you can honestly say that you implemented the information, and it didn't at least increase your bottom line by over $25,000, I will refund your full investment. 

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